Okay guys, I’m being emotional now and I really do not know where else can I type out my own thoughts. Since this is something like my own blog, I’ll just type my long, lengthy and naggy post.

4 September 2017 is a much more special day than any other 4th of September, for both 2PM and Hottest. It is the 9th anniversary for 2PM, and also the enlistment date for Taecyeon. We may have lots of mixed emotions as fans, but 2PM will definitely have more complicated feelings. Why do I say so? 2PM loves 2PM more than we love 2PM. This is for sure.

I really do not know which other idol groups have full strength when one of the members enlist, other than 2PM.

From here, I am not trying to compare with other idol groups, but the bond that 2PM has within them is so strong, I am really touched by it. Haters will definitely say that it is all acted out blah blah but honestly speaking, there are some things that cannot be faked. If they really want to pretend to be nice to one another, they would not do it for nine years (PS I have another story about this so if you want to know you can read everything till the end, I will type it out at the end). They are constantly updated about one another’s activities, not because they want to act as if they are close, but they are really curious about one another and they really want to support one another. Honestly speaking, who else would snatch to send support trucks to one another? 2PM. Who else would constantly promote one another during broadcasts? 2PM. Who else would always talk about their members even when it is their own solo activities? 2PM. Who else would stalk one another on SNS even when they have zero followings? 2PM. I could continue to list, but this would take forever.

Yesterday during their live broadcast, the six of them gathered together to celebrate their 9th anniversary with Hottest. Honestly speaking, they were just being themselves, being all dorky, but as I watch them, I can’t help but to feel a little emotional. Taecyeon did hint on Twitter that his enlistment date is today before that, but no one was sure about it since it was a really vague tweet. They were all laughing away, talking about one another. When the clock was about to strike midnight, all of them stood up, and held hands. I am really glad that before Taecyeon enlists, he was actually laughing and smiling happily with the members, and all of us are able to see it through the broadcast. During their closing speech for the broadcast, I can’t help but to shed a tear as their speeches were all so sincere. It makes me want to wait for them even more. (Honestly speaking, I really can’t find any groups that makes me feel so connected to them so I have no intention to not wait for them.)

Even though Taecyeon wanted to enlist quietly, just with his family and members, there were still photos circulating around. He was smiling and he was the representative among the others to lead the oath. I am really proud of him. He gave up his US Permanent Resident and underwent several surgeries just so that he could enlist with an active duty. You are a great person, Taec.

Official statement said that the division Taecyeon would most likely be in will discharge on 3 June 2019. Let’s hope that everything will be smooth for him, and we will see him again as a stronger and healthier person. Stay safe Taec.

Next year, on 4 September, on their 10th anniversary, it would not be OT6. However, I’m pretty sure that if all of them are free on that day, they would definitely meet up. For sure, more members will start enlisting soon so Hottest, please stay strong. They are such a trustworthy group of people so when they said that they will be back as six, trust them, they will definitely be back as six soon. 2PM is also waiting for 2PM to come back, let us all wait with them. Waiting for a few years is not a problem, as compared to how much they have given us.

I did not start supporting 2PM when they debut in 2008. I only took interest in them 2 years later. Even though I wasn’t there to support them from the start, but I will be there until infinity (because there’s no end). Some hottest have told me that they feel tiny because they only know them recently this year or last year, but you do not have to feel that. Staying on the more important than being early. Some may support them from the start but did not stay on. If you stayed on, you are the jjang jjang one hehe.

Honestly, I have a lot of things in my mind when I started typing this but I really do not know how to put them into words. Even though I do feel a little sad today, but I feel proud of Taec and 2PM. Hottest, let us all stay strong together as one fandom. We have more to go through! Fighting!

Alright, now is the story about why I strongly feel that their bond is not faked. It actually has nothing to do with 2PM but it is just an experience (or I can say experiences) that I have thus my point about their bond not being faked. So if you only want to know about 2PM, you can stop reading now, unless you want to know why I can follow 2PM for so long.

There is actually a reason why I only started to take interest in 2PM two years after they debut. I am not a Korean hence I did not understand a single Korean word. Supporting a Korean group isn’t something that I thought I will end up in. I even told my friends, “Why would I even end up there? I can’t even understand anything they say and I am super lazy to read subtitles.” In 2008, I started following a Taiwanese band. They debuted before 2008 so yeah. Anyway I’m not gonna name the band but if anyone knows who they are, let’s just not say any names. I got to know them because of their faces initially (they are really handsome but after I know their personality, eww), but thereafter, I felt that their bond was really great and it seems like everything was real (initially, it was definitely real but after a while, things changed). However, after about a year, I could see that actually they weren’t that close at all. It was all acted out. They acted as if they were curious about one another, they acted as if they were close but in fact, they weren’t. Everything felt really fake. As there were too much fake-ness within them, I can’t help but to just support one of the members only, because he was the only honest member who would display his emotions on his face and just work hard for the band and himself (sounds so nuneo but that’s not him hahahaha). Even with so much drama within them, they even release a special album to say that they will not disband. After one to two months after they release their album, they disbanded. The point of this story? No matter how much you try to fake a relationship, it will not last. Then in 2010, I started to take interest in 2PM, but still with a tiny bit of doubt if their bond was really that real. However, they proved me wrong.

Actually I have another experience (LOL I KNOW I’M SUCH A NAG BUT I CAN’T HELP IT HAHAHA JUST LET ME BE XD). It was my own experience. I felt it first hand. During my teens, I was in this group where we do volunteer work and leadership work. For my batch, there weren’t many people. Including me, there’s only five members. Initially, we were really close as all of us have the same interest – leading and volunteering. As we attended classes and workshops for leadership and volunteering events, we started to grow and our level of “ability” started to differ. I tried to help my members as my knowledge for the courses we took were better (such a bitch to say this but we were graded and I was always one of the top – BUT THAT’S BECAUSE I REALLY STUDIED HARD HAHAHA). One of them felt that she was losing out hence she left the group without any notices. Now, the team was left with four members only. During our second year, our seniors had to start choosing the team leader within the four of us, so that we can continue to lead the future juniors. I was one of their choices, plus another girl. The other girl was really knowledgeable as well, and she has a great social network (unlike me). Honestly speaking, I wasn’t fighting for any positions as my main reason to join the group was to do volunteer work. However, she was trying very hard to get the team leader position that everything started to turn toxic. As our team work and bond was one of the criteria for the assessment, we tried so hard to be close and everything started become a little fake. The other two members didn’t want her to take the team leader position and they kept telling me that I have to get it instead if not we would be ruined. When they told me that, I know that was the end of our relationship. Everything will not be real and I would just feel like a fake plastic when I’m with them. Cut the story short, in the end I was assigned as the team leader. After being the team leader for about half a year, the other two members were displeased that I was the team leader, and wanted the other girl to be. Thus in the end, it was 3 vs 1. Our relationship turned really sour but we cannot show it in front of our juniors. Hence we were forced to smile with one another and I have to act as if I was close to them. It was a horrible period for me. A really horrible one. The point of this story? You can’t fake a relationship for too long. As someone who did this before, it was a really disgusting feeling. So can OT6 do it for 9 years? I doubt so. Therefore, it is not faked.

Thank you so much for reading till the end, about my life story hahaha but I doubt there will be people reading till the end about my life story XD

3 thoughts on “20170904

  1. I actually read until the end 🙂
    Thank you so much for sharing your story and your feelings! I could relate so much because that’s always what I thought about 2PM. It just can’t be that they aren’t close, it’s impossible to give an fake impression for such a long time. I don’t really follow any other band or KPop-Group and I was never really a fan from a music group, but 2PM stole my fangirl-heart, even though I can’t really say how. I think, what drew me in the most was my impression of their close brotherhood. As Wooyoung said at vLive, the reality shows with just 2PM were the best, because they were fun and they could be comfortable with each other.
    And I always wanted to say thanks to you for all your hard work with the translations!! I look almost every day for a new post, since I love 2PM so much and I’m always eager to read about 2PM (especially Junho!) but don’t understand korean or japanese. Thank you for your time and effort – I really appreciate it!


    1. aww thank you so much for reading till the end ^^ they are just my own personal opinion but glad that you could relate much to it~ and you’re welcome! it is always my pleasure hehe


  2. Hello!
    First of all, I am so happy to land on your website. Over the past week I have been going crazy on Twitter following all the hottest, especially finding the long time dedicated folk as your experience and dedication is fascinating to me as much as 2 PM!
    Coming into 2 PM fandom from finding Junho the actor is itself such a big surprise.. now as I read about each person and their growth as individuals and performers, it is very exciting to see what their new mature content Will be..
    Thank you for “shining a light” 😁😁 on these wonderful, inspiring, authentic, kind and heart warming group!


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