[Eng Trans] Jun. K’s First Handwritten Letter to HOTTEST (During Military Enlistment)

Hello. I am Minjun,

I am enlisting soon and I am unable to met everyone so I am writing a letter instead.

Even though through this letter, I am unable to fully convey my heart,

I hope that this will allow us to be slightly closer.

As I have disappointed everyone due to my huge wrong action in February,

I hope to be able to express my sincere apology to everyone.

After that day, I have been regretting and blaming myself.

It is right for me to be this way as I made a mistake.

However, when I see people who give me love are receiving hurt,

I thought that I need to wake up from it.


As a singer, as someone who faces the audiences and fans,

At that time, I thought about what type of feelings I must make for me to walk the route.

The passionate music dream, the ambition and temptations when I was in my 20s.

The passion of wanting to conquer both routes,

Thinking about the difficult route that I walked at that time.

I should have taken more responsibilities for my job and actions as I think back,


A while ago before my fourth solo concert tour, I did not have the courage to face the stage.

Other than being unable to cancel the concert thus standing in front of everyone, I also felt that I should apologise to everyone in face.

At the moment when I saw everyone, my heart hurts very much,

It was really hurting, and I am sorry.

It is so important to be able to be together, I should have been more appreciative…


I will discipline myself.

I will receive all criticisms about my mistake and

For the people who are not embarrassed for me,

I will reflect, a few times more of the pain that everyone has felt, working hard to live my life,


Within these 10 years, the fans who always protect 2PM and protect me,

My members, and the staff who have always worked hard with me.

I, who is lacking, will always think about those good times when we were together and the love.


I am sorry for not being able to heal everyone’s hurt heart before I leave…


2018.5.8 2PM JUN. K Kim Minjun

Korean to English translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)


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