Junho’s Birthday 2020 Donation Event Information

Hello Hottests!

On 25 January 2020, it will be Junho’s birthday! In celebration of his birthday, I am planning to raise some funds together with everyone, to donate to an association for the handicapped under the name of Junho. This is inspired by Junho donating a vehicle to the Facility for the Handicapped to ease their travelling in Korea. Here is the link to the article if you are interested: <click here>

As I am currently based in Singapore, all funds will be converted to SGD (and USD for easy reference) and donated to a Singapore association. It will be great if you could donate based on SGD so that there will not be too much conversion processing fees taken away. I am pleased to inform you that we will be donating to Handicaps Welfare Association (HWA)! HWA provides transportation services, rehabilitation services, home care services as well as social services. Transportation services enable mobility-related disabilities to commute to and from school, work hospital visits and more. In their rehabilitation services, it is aimed to enhance their quality of life and integrate them into the mainstream society. As for home care and social services, HWA aims to encourage people with mobility-related disabilities to integrate back into the mainstream society and live with their fullest potentials. More information can be found at their website: <https://hwa.org.sg/> I will be showing transparency with all the money in a document and share the link to everyone who is involved, as well as my email communication with the association.

I will have a token of appreciation to everyone, regardless of how much you donate because every amount helps the association! This is exclusively to Hottests who have donated through me, I will be creating a simple book for Junho and I will send it to him, together with the certification of donation! The book will include your name and Twitter/SNS handle, as well as your birthday letters for Junho (I will not be sending any gifts that you have for him, only letters). If you do not know Korean and want to write a letter to Junho, fret not because I will do the TRANSLATIONS for you! Exclusively just for this donation! You can still design and decorate your letter in anyway you want, I will just attach a simple translation at the side of your letter, not damaging your letter’s design. Please note that your letters can only be either in English or Chinese and I will be translating them to Korean for you. As for the size of your letter, please make sure that it is of A5 size, but you are able to write several pages.

Note: due to worldwide participation (THANK YOU SO MUCH), as I am handling everything by myself for the first time, I am unable to handle shippings to so many countries thus unable to send small gifts to everyone.. Greatly apologise for this due to me being inexperienced. I promise next time, it will be something better for everyone if I ever have an event for everyone again! ^^

Please contact me through my email jerwiepenpan@gmail.com or drop me a DM on Twitter (https://twitter.com/jerwiepenpan) if you would like to donate. I will send you the donation details accordingly. When dropping me an email or DM, please provide me with the following details:


Twitter/SNS handle


Donating amount (if you are not too sure how much you should donate, I am able to give you some guidance based on how the association/society use a certain amount of money on a certain activity)

I will be closing the acceptance of donation on 10 January 2020, 2359 KST. If you would like to volunteer to help with the token of appreciation gifts or translating the birthday letters for Junho that will be in English/Chinese/other languages that you may provide, please feel free to send me a DM too. If you have any enquries, questions or even improvements, please contact me too.

THANK YOU once again for your interest and I hope that this small event will brighten up Junho’s day especially when he receives the book and donation certificate!

Lots of love,

jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

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