[Eng Trans] Junho (from 2PM) Star 1 December 2018 Issue Interview (Magazine)

10 years of Junho, the reason to anticipate even more

Presenting the gorgeous acrobatics, 2PM Junho (28) garnered everyone’s love as a beastly idol. Shouting ’10 out of 10 points’, using a fresh young but masculine man to portray his charms, it has been 10 years since his debut subconsciously. He had a movie debut in 2013 from the movie ‘Cold Eyes’ and took part in KBS2 ‘Chief Kim’ (also known as Good Manager) as Seoyul who is a villain character that the audiences cannot seem to hate. He has even won the Excellence Award by bypassing the New Rookie Award. He has acted as a Chinese restaurant chef named Seopoong in SBS ‘Wok of Love’, portraying great gourmet acting skills, showing his growth from an idol actor to a real actor. With things constantly changing for 10 years, Junho who does not stop gaining experiences and changing them, this will keep him going for the next 10 years.

What are your thoughts after the photo shoot?

Junho: I have the reality feeling that winter is here. Normally, I am not afraid of the cold thus I do not have much feelings. However, I am able to feel that winter is getting closer today.

As you are focusing on your filming work, a year seems to past so hastily. How did you spend your time recently?

Junho: it has been about three months since the final filming of SBS ‘Wok of Love’. Currently, I am preparing for my Japan concert and dieting at the same time. After the drama filming, I ate lots of food with no proper control and have gained some fats. I have also spent some time doing things that cannot be done when I am an actor or a singer.

It has been 10 years since your debut. Can you feel that 10 years have already passed?

Junho: sometimes, there will be photos and videos from the past circulating around SNS. When I see all those videos, I feel amazed. On one hand, it feels like this happened not too long ago and on the other hand, it feels like “wow it has already been 10 years”. When following my schedule, I also felt an extra sense of responsibility. For example, if I am with the other members, even if there is someone lacking behind, the others will be able to cover him and hence able to continue with the activity with a light heart. However, as I was having my own solo schedules, my lacking side can be seen immediately. I feel stressed about this, but it allows me to be more determined in working hard.

It feels a little wasted that you cannot be with the members during the 10th anniversary, right?

Junho: of course, it will be great with all members are together. I have also met the members who were out for vacation, giving them some strength and celebrated together. Even though it isn’t a grand celebration, but we managed to think about how we can have activities as 2PM for a longer period. If we want to continue to work hard for the future activities, we definitely need to work even harder. We discussed a lot of topics regarding the reality situation.

After 10 years, what are the changes within just Junho?

Junho: recently I worked hard on balancing life (mentally). Even though I am very busy now, but previously when I am very busy, I would not even be able to sleep. No matter how anxious I am, or how mentally drained I am, I would want to work hard to maintain a calm attitude, but this is not easy. However, even if it is difficult, I would want to maintain a balanced life.

In order to maintain a balanced life (mentally), what did you do?

Junho: there is nothing that you can get immediately. I hold onto this thought tightly that I am unable to convey my message to every single person out there. No matter how much I do, I will not be able to satisfy myself 100%. If I want to be satisfactory, I will need the help from others as there is nothing that can be done just by myself. With this, I managed to slowly balance my life mentally.

After a long period of 10 years, the view that you see on stage should most probably change too right? Can you feel those differences?

Junho: what changed is that I like the stage even more. As a singer who organises concerts, I feel relieved and happy. As I know that fans can choose not to come for the concert, I have more drive to create (a better) stage. Every time when I am on stage, I will get into the mood as if it is the last time that I will be performing. I do not want to leave with any regrets. There has been an old saying “in a radio show, even if there is a 3 second pause, it will be considered as a live broadcast error”. Even if it was a very short time of silence on stage, it will be as if there was an error, with me feeling very uncomfortable. There was a period when I was like this. But as for now, this is the beauty of a live performance. If there isn’t any cheering, I would joke that I will not sing the next song then the fans will be really nice and follow my request. As I am able to enjoy this, I feel happy about it.

After debut, it was the first time you had a nubbang (T/N: a broadcast while lying down). Please describe about it. Such as ‘something new idols do’. Will you feel a little awkward doing it?

Junho: in fact, I do not really want to try ‘something new idols do’ or the difference within it. However, I cannot help but to experience some of them. Nubbang is something very interesting. I have never thought that I can do a broadcast while lying down. I thought that if all six of us do this, it will be great. There is a vast difference in atmosphere between doing the broadcast alone and doing the broadcast with the other members as three people. If all six of us do the broadcast together, each of our personalities will be shown naturally so no matter what we do, it will be great. I really hope to quickly feel that atmosphere again. Sometimes, I miss feeling light-hearted when being together with the members.

Recently, you have also successfully had a solo fan meeting.

Junho: I specially wanted this fan meeting. Within the members, we are very competitive about this. Thus I really wanted to have my own fan meeting. If so, I am able to invite the members as guests. This fan meeting is hosted by me only. Within three hours, I managed to laugh and play with the fans, as well as performing for them, totally creating a time just for the fans and I. Just like the attitude that was given during concerts, I can comfortably convey my true feelings, spending the time preciously. During the first fan meeting timing, as it has been a while since I had a fan meeting, I was shaking with nervousness. However, I managed to do everything smoothly soon after, I had a shock too haha

When the topic is about Junho, we must talk about your acting. During your recent drama appearance in “Wok of Love”, you acted as a Chinese restaurant chef. You can eat as much Chinese food as you want right?

Junho: I had the food deliciously. The food was very yummy. While I was eating jjajang myeon and sweet and sour meat, I felt that ‘this is the authentic Chinese food’. I understood the charms of Chinese food. The job as a chef is much harder and cool as compared to what I have thought. When I started standing in front of the stove to learn about cooking, I tried my best to put a strong front, but I was still frightened by the strong fire from the stove. After trying out personally, I no longer conceit in front of food. While filming, I will cook meals and also taste them, and eventually gain more confidence when the food is good. However, this can only work when the chef is guiding me.

Are you normally interested in cooking?

Junho: I have no interest at all. I do not normally enter the kitchen too. I only started learning because of my character. I can relate to the phrase “if one set the determination to do it, it will succeed”. There are a lot of script lines as well. I can memorise all if when I learn it thus with determination, you can succeed. Through this filming process, I found my limits as well as how to break those limits.

You actually managed to learn how to break your limits through acting and that is amazing.

Junho: when I was learning how to cook at the chef’s shop, I even have the thoughts of “what am I even doing?” The wok is extremely heavy. When I just started trying, even moving the wok is difficult. I also bought grippers to do strengthening exercises, practicing with the wok every day. At that time, I have trained my arms muscle well. Now I can use the wok properly. I have learnt a new skill haha

If you were to choose the most difficult character, which one would it be?

Junho: if you see it mentally, it will be Kangdoo in “Just Between Lovers”. This is due to the need to constantly have a negative character. Seopoong in “Wok of Love” is tiring mentally and physically. But for every character, there is a part of me that has the experience and pain. Those pain definitely exists.

Do you think that if those pain existed then a good work can be done?

Junho: if you have experienced that pain, you will be able to do it with more excellence. I want to be passionately into the character and not half only.

After having activities as an actor, the age range of your fans have diversified, have you noticed that?

Junho: yes I have noticed that. In fact, 2PM is loved by people of all ages. Last time, there were many people of an older age who could recognise me but after acting, the difference is more obvious. When I am walking on the streets or in a restaurant, people will talk to be in a friendly way. They identified me as an actor or through my drama’s character, I am very thankful but also shocked at the same time.

As an actor, you have won an award through “Chief Kim”. To Junho, it must be a very special drama.

Junho: created a special villain character. I have really received lots of love and I am deeply thankful for that. At that time, there were several other big dramas in the competition but I am relieved to be loved by so many people. Actually, 2PM and rookie awards have no affinity too but after we received daesang, we are more thankful. Maybe that is the reason why I was more determined to get the new rookie award but I bypass that award and went to the excellence award instead. I thought that it was such an honour for me. At the same time, I also felt the large amount of love that I have received, so in order to live up to having the award, I only need to continue to grow step by step. After getting the excellence award, I felt a larger responsibility on me. Thus I am determined to do even better.

After that drama, I think you will feel more responsibilities, right?

Junho: to be honest, while participating on those works, I mainly only focus on “I must focus on this project, understanding the character well and portray it properly”. Even though the audience rating is one of the key points to deem if it is successful, but I feel that at least I will not be embarrassed (with the hard work put into). I will feel relieved rather than regret, being able to talk to people about my works, I think this is the basic that I should do. Of course, when taking the role of the main lead, I must be able to handle the volume of the drama thus of course I would want people to know about the drama and hope that it will be successful. However as compared to all these, I feel that it is more important to be able to convey the sincerity to the audiences with my acting as an actor.

You work hard for all the things on your plate. To perfectly understand your character, you must be very tired.

Junho: yes it will be tiring but the sense of relief is stronger thus I guess I am able to overcome it. Now as I am doing things that I can do now, I am actually very happy about it. That sense of happiness has taken a lot of space. Things that need to be done now should be done now, if it is not done now, I may not be able to do it for the rest of my life. I am clear that opportunities are rare to come by. No matter how tough it becomes, I will think that if the opportunity isn’t given to me now, I may not get it in the future. I will also think that I will only get to experience this tough time now only. When the chances come to me, they may be the last one as well. When the audiences require me, I think should work even harder so that I can become a figure that is constantly wanted by the others. After time has passed, maybe one day, I hope to people will constantly want to see me, I have this type of expectations within me.

When did you start having these thoughts?

Junho: it was during 2010 ‘Heartbeat’ activities period. We really did several special stages. As we were so busy, we continuously did not sleep for two weeks. We did not sleep on our beds but closed our eyes in between filming and when we opened our eyes, we are in a moving vehicle. It was that busy during that time. At that time while I was in the car on the way home, I suddenly thought “I guess the busy feeling I have now can only be experienced now, maybe in the future when I want to be this busy, it will not happen”. Thus I started thinking of “enjoying the busy period, if not there may not be any chance in the future”. This is difficult to come by and precious but yet I have these thoughts when I was in my 20s. Now as I think about it, I seem quite amazing last time. Haha.

With so many different thoughts, I think you are filled with passion.

Junho: that is because I have a lot of dreams. The passion I have to do things perfectly, if both hands are filled fully then you will not be able to hold anything else. My passion is not to have everything, but to slowly accumulate them step by step. I want to do these and those things properly.

What is the root of this passion?

Junho: it seems to be me having the thoughts of desire. I really want to work but yet I do not have any chances. I was in that period before. While having activities with 2PM, acrobatics is something which holds a deep meaning to me. However after one accident, I was unable to do acrobatics anymore. While I was in the hospital getting my surgery, I really thought about a lot of things. If I have a chance placed right in front of me, I have a very determined mind that I “will not miss that chance”. That is because I know that sense of loneliness very well when I have nothing to do. As compared, I am actually very thankful now that those chances did not come to be too quickly. If I have these chances at a younger age, I guess I will not understand how to be thankful. I am very lucky that after understanding all these important things, a chance was placed right in front of me. I will never forget that huge amount of determination I put in place.

As for you now, having the name of an actor is not awkward anymore. Do you feel that way too?

Junho: I am very thankful for all the praises given due to my acting. However, some part of me is unable to accept all of them. The reason for this may be due to be debuting as a singer, thus words such as “since you are an actor born from an idol, this standard of acting is really good!” there are several types of comments (on me). Some actually really view me as an actor and felt that my acting was good. But some of those comments also have this gist of saying “born from an idol, he is pretty good”, which caused me to feel a little anxious. However, I am still very thankful for all of the praises. I started my acting activities through “Cold Eyes”, I hear lots of comments like “as an actor previously a singer, he is a very expressive actor”. Thus I thought of working even harder. But sometimes in contrary, I will think if I should be receiving such good praises when I am an actor born from a singer. That is one of the reasons why I am never satisfied with myself. Even though everyone is like this too, but I am extremely strict towards myself. When I am having activities as a singer, I am fully a singer. When I am having activities as an actor, I am a real actor. This is the ultimate goal for myself and it feels difficult to achieve, since it is still far for me to achieve.

What is something that Junho is interested in recently?

Junho: it is health. Haha. If I answer like this, it can be easily seen that I am a singer who has debuted for 10 years since I start talking about health stuff. However, I really feel that health is very important recently. It is not only about my own health, but also the health of the people around me. Thus I am currently always finding small little happiness. I will try things that I could not try last time. Recently, I tend to talk more too. Normally, I do not have much to talk about as I am someone with little words. Even if I am enjoying myself a lot with my friends accompany, I would not talk much too and this is something that I am trying to change recently. But also due to this, I still feel strange to be holding conversations.

Sometimes we see Junho on variety shows, are you those type who would not talk much and just laugh along?

Junho: currently I do not have much confidence taking part in variety shows. Haha. Even until now, I will still shake with nervousness before the variety show, continuously feeling nervous when I am on set too. But sometimes I think that this is the reason why I could not slack off. If I am a naturally born artiste, I would have been able to control these emotions long ago and would do things naturally. I am not someone with that type of personality, so it is a little tiring. I will think a lot during photo shoots too. I don’t think I am an artiste because my personality does not match. Hence I always worry, always working hard. Even after I age, I still feel nervous about it.

During this period, it is safe to say that 2PM is currently taking a break from activities, do you miss being on stage as 2PM?

Junho: I really miss standing on stage with them. However, all members have their own schedules, so we met and talked about this before enlisting into the military. 2PM will definitely continue as one, when a member has their own activities, we will give strength to one another. So we said that we should not be too anxious and not let the fans wait for long. We don’t want to be too anxious about it to prevent from ruining everything. Additionally, all members have their own lives, we do not want to ruin the member’s good chances and opportunities. Thus for the group activities, we are not too anxious about it.

All members are able to share the same opinion, that is the strength of being together for 10 years.

Junho: even if all members enlist together, we will not be discharged at the same time. We must work hard for everyone’s lives to accumulate your own strength. Only with this, we are able to portray a better 2PM image. So during the period when we are unable to meet one another, it will be one of the important moments. When doing activities alone, what type of attitude are we bringing in, what have we experienced, all these will influence the foundation of 2PM. To become a better 2PM, we must bring and accumulate all the better things together. This is a point that all members agreed on.

All of you have been together for 10 years, will you all still yearn to meet one another?

Junho: of course we yearn to meet one another. Even though we want to meet, but we will not take that extra mile to meet. Haha, just kidding. When we are free, we will always have a meet up.

It feels weird to separate from the friends who you have been hanging out with right?

Junho: meeting up after a while, it indeed feels different. We didn’t want to separate. We didn’t know that we will become like this as well. The members actually didn’t like this type of mushy relationship, but we became like this. I guess we are more emotional haha.

Subconsciously, you have debuted for 10 years. Do you feel the reality of growing up as a adult?

Junho: I do not want to feel that reality. Even though I am someone who faces reality, i understand my age and that I am part of the society, but I do not want to emphasise that I am an adult. To me, aging does not mean that you will become a real adult and it is difficult to define what is a real adult. I feel that you can only call yourself an adult if you become a very well-respected person/

Why don’t you want to become an adult?

Junho: standing in the view of being a singer and actor, I need to be very expressive emotionally. So to be honest, I want to stay naïve, standing between the world of teens and adults. With this, I am able to understand the world of the teens as well as the maturity of adults. When I hear the ages of young people, I will get a shock sometimes, start thinking about my age and do things very carefully. As an artiste, my emotions become controlled. Even if you do not reach the age, you are forced to wear the clothes of being an adult, everyone knows my age, everyone kmows that I am adulting. Thus I thought that I do not need to think like this to myself. As compared to thinking of my age, I think about the memories I have instead as I do not want the memories with my fans to fade away. I want to keep them in my beautiful memories. “Past” is a word that brings sadness. I do not want to be part of this sadness.

What type of singer and actor do you want to become?

Junho: I thought that I should really start doing the things I want to do and I am currently doing it. I don’t need to be nervous but to enjoy that moment of nervousness. I do not want to care what other think, or become depressed because of the things that I want to challenge. As a singer, artiste, actor, I just want to let it all out and just portray what I truly want. I want to be a carefree singer and actor.

What will you be in the next 10 years?

Junho: I said it once in an interview when I just debuted, which is that I would most probably be married and have children. But 10 years has already passed. With these words that I have said before, it makes me feel shocked. Haha. So now, I do not dare (to talk about it), and I will not think about the future. When I was planning the future previously, if the future is not aligned to the plan, I will feel extremely stressed so I do not want to think about it now.

Chinese to English translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

Korean to Chinese translations by Ra from Eternal_盛夏李俊昊个人站

Note: article has been translated from Chinese instead of Korean, please note that there will be translation inaccuracies, but the main content idea will still be there.



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