[Eng Trans] (Chansung from 2PM related) A music concert spent together with Minguankoon* hazardous excavation armed force soldiers receiving a plaque of appreciation (News)

*Minguankoon 민관군 – a word that combines the public, government and the army

T/N: based on the photos, Chansung most probably took part as an emcee

<skipped translation>

On 6 December with the 5th Infantry Division, together with minguankoon, the music concert 2019 started.

In this event, more than 6000 people attended, including Yeoncheon-gun, Yeoncheon Police Station, Yeoncheon-gun Assembly, The World Military Look Festival, Share Hope, Yeoncheon District Council for the Movement of the Virtue of Life, National Federation of Restaurants, Yeoncheon Branch, the 5th division, military staff, soldiers, family etc.

From April, the South and North has joint hazardous excavation work and we thank the soldiers for their hard work.

<skipped translation, in short, it is thanking the soldiers at DMZ with the quarantine of African Swine Fever virus and to present them with appreciation plques>

While we were sleeping comfortably, our military army who always fall asleep with nervousness, always with a thankful heart, we will not forget (about your heart work).

Korean to English translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

Article retrieved from https://m.blog.naver.com/share-hope/221734467263


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