[Eng Trans] Nichkhun (from 2PM) Vogue Japan Magazine Interview December 2018

2PM Nichkhun “talked about a little” about his dreams onwards as a singer

Article dated in 19 December 2018

Asia’s No.1 beastly idol group 2PM’s member, Nichkhun is starting his solo activities in Japan. He is born and raised in America, breaking through in Korea and is a national in his home country Thailand. We have asked about the dreams of this artiste who is actively worldwide.

A 6-member boy group 2PM debuted in Korea 10 years ago. They have high popularity soon after in Asia, inclusive of Japan, being “Asia’s first beastly idol” in front of everyone. 2PM has currently stopped their group activities (T/N: this is due to the military enlistment of all Korean members). However, each member is slowly starting their solo activities, starting a new performance stage. This includes the American-born Nichkhun, who won the Asia Super Star Award in his home country Thailand in 2008 falls period during a ceremony hosted by their local media. There is not a need to talk about the activities about 2PM and as an actor, he has participated in Thai movie “Brother of the Year” that was a huge hit, surpassing Hollywood masterpieces.

This is the first time for him to release a solo album in Japan “ME” with the title song “Lucky Charm”. We asked wat is Nichkhun’s Lucky Charm and he replied immediately, “my home”. He added, “Home is a place where I am able to be the most relaxed. When I am at home, I will eventually have the time to pounder over everything”. The theme for the Japan concert tour is “HOME”. Can you talk about it? “For this album, it is not as an idol, but as a singer. In the album, I have selected songs that only I like thus the album is named as “ME”. “ME” is part of “HOME” too thus I designed a connected concept like this”. He also added that he participated in the designing of the logo as well.

These are the thoughts by Nichkhun who is fluent in English. Since Nichkhun was born and lived in America, he has seen the hot trend of K-POP, thus we asked Nichkhun about his opinion. “It can be seen that the next generation of juniors are working hard to let K-POP be extremely popular, I feel very proud about it. As someone who is part of K-POP and having activities, I am very honoured and very happy.” He then added, “to be honest, when we debuted, we cannot even imagine this current situation happening. However, it is due to the love from everyone thus we can have our concert in Tokyo Dome. Really thankful for everyone”

Just like the world changing drastically over the past 10 years, we are excited about what will happen in the next 10 years. Nichkhun affirmed that, “even until 40 years old, we will continue as 2PM and we want to let everyone see an even better concert.” Additionally, Nichkhun also said, “if we are able to go more internationally as Asian artistes, it would be even better.” Honestly, Nichkhun has been invited to take part in the premiere for Hollywood movies. Hollywood has been diversifying and we are convinced that Nichkhun will be able to be more active all around the world soon.

Japanese to English translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

Article retrieved from https://www.vogue.co.jp/celebrity/conversations/2018-12-19/nichkhun?utm_content=buffer346b0&utm_medium=social&utm_source=twitter.com&utm_campaign=buffer


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