[Eng Trans] 2PM Junho, Donated 30 Million Won During Military Service for Coronavirus (Covid-19), “Company Doesn’t Even Know” (News)


Singer (2PM) cum actor Junho even did charity during his military service by helping to prevent the spread of Covid-19. In order to help those weak and vulnerable children due to the covid-19 virus spread, Junho has donated 30 million won (approx 25,200 USD) to World Vision. 

As the ambassador and as someone with great influence, Junho did not want to let the less fortunate to suffer even more due to the covid-19 virus and did not want more people to be infected. He thought that this is just a small effort (from him) and also hoped to be able to help others, thus he did not let his company know (about the donation), and he wanted to quietly donate it, which is such a warm act.

When donating Junho also said, “I want to provide some help to the vulnerable children at this tough time. Also, I want to thank those who worked hard in preventing the spread of covid-19 virus, giving them strength.” He said that he wants the donations to assist those who are currently infected by the virus and also for the children who face shortage of food (during this tough period), which includes the virus prevention necessities, food, living expense and other important necessities. 

After joining with the World Outlook Conference through child sponsorship in 2012, Junho actively participated in domestic and foreign projects with good purposes, such as the Hunger Experience, Ethiopian Volunteer Activities, Global 6K for Water activities, and became a role model for the society.

Korean to English translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

Article retrieved from http://www.xportsnews.com/?ac=article_view&entry_id=1242223


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