[New Fans Guide] 2PM HOTTEST Fandom Etiquette

Hello everyone! (be it 2PM’s new fans, going-to-be fans or current fans)

“Oh wow they are so bossy they even have a new fans guide!!! Why can’t I be whoever I want? I love 2PM as much as them! I love *inserts one member’s name* as much as them! Why are they acting superior? Why are they ordering us about?!”

Before you have such thoughts, please calm down as we are not! ^^ we are VERY HAPPY to see so many new people loving 2PM just like we do but, if not why do we have this fandom etiquette guide? Since long time ago, Hottest (aka 2PM’s fandom name) is a group of peaceful people. As a fandom, many other fandoms have actually praised us for our unique, peaceful and patient attitude. We are really different from others! (not self-praising but this really happened, I don’t know how else to prove it)

This thread is started by Elise (Twitter) and I am so thankful for her to start this thread, as well as people adding on to the thread ^^ I will be crediting everyone’s name, but if you are uncomfortable with it, please let me know and I will remove accordingly.

Below is the collation of the thread on Twitter (I have removed some repetition of tweets):

(@.elise_jwy) Fandom should not be a competition to prove how much fans love 2PM. Everyone has different finances, access, and priorities. Our love for 2PM is what makes us Hottest.

*Please don’t be too openly gross about your fantasies* Hottest are a thirsty fandom. Taecyeon even nicknamed us Byuntest. Yet we also respect our members, and they do lurk here. We also have many new young fans. Open admiration naturally happens, but use DM for deep fantasies. To clarify, I’m not dictating what fans say on their own accounts. That would be hypocritical. But I am suggesting DM to discuss particularly explicit adult fantasies that might make the members uncomfortable. They know how they are marketed, but they have feelings too.

The fanfic world is part of fandom, but talking about romantically shipping members with each other in real life and/or mentioning fanfics *directly to the members* is discouraged. If that is not enough to stop fans, Junho has openly stated that fanfics make him uncomfortable.

Khuntoria is not real! I repeat, Khuntoria is not real! Please keep that fantasy in fanfics.

If 2PM members are not on an official schedule or are traveling, respect their privacy and do not stalk them. Being excited to see them in person is understandable, but Hottest respect personal space and privacy.

International fans need to respect Korean and Japanese Hottest. If they don’t like something, don’t do it.

(@.jerwiepenpan) just to really really emphasise that 2PM consists of 6 members, be it you like it or not. past is called the past for a reason. we are normally not a very competitive fandom as our focus is really on 2PM and 2PM’s focus is really on us. we all just want everyone to be happy

(@.Nuneochocopie) I want to say it doesn’t matter which member brought you to the fandom, I’m sure in time you will love their all, it’s 2PM magic.Just as 2PM trusts us, I want the new Hottest to trust them, if they said that they would return, then it will be so.
Yes, and one more thing. When 2PM does IG Live or VLive, stop asking them to speak English. When they are ready, they themselves will start to speak English, do not push it uncomfortable, especially if they are shy or not ready to speak it.
And please do not post photos from private IG of 2PM family in the social network

(@.dw_wy0898) LOVE ALL MEMBERS EQUALLY. NEVER compare each members.. they all have their own characteristics

(@.ok_taecmeaway) Always be ready to shield the boys whenever antis drag them down. Coz 2PM is NEVER GOING DOWN.

(@.chanceptions) Promoting is ok, but don’t ever use 2PM to spam with fancams or post it on irrelevant tweets/news. It’s disrespectful and distasteful, really don’t want to kill any interest in them by being annoying/rude with fancams. It’s just not it. Never use them for clout pls.

(@.RestIsHistory87) Our fandom is made up of both 2PM only & multifandom fans. We strive to respect each other just like 2PM respects other artists & each other. Also never be afraid to approach a Hottest if you have questions. We’re a friendly bunch and do our best to help each other when we can
Please write Nichkhun & Jun. K’s names correctly. Nichkhun can be shortened to Khun, Khunnie, but please no Nick or something of that nature. Jun. K (with a space) is Minjun’s stage name. If you want to make hashtags use #Jun_K and #KimMinjun. Junkay is another way to stylize.

(@.Chan_to_the_Ho) We all know that they’re a group that was hyped as beastly idols forever, but aside from their looks, 2PM have so much more to offer in terms of artistry. They have amazing dancers, wonderful singers, producers, a sense of humour and bond that will melt you. Please don’t reduce them to just their looks and sex appeal. You’ll see that you’ll fall even more in love with them when you embrace all they are.

Comparisons are normal. The members have different strengths & weaknesses, but they balance each other out. Some fans just resonate more with some of the members. Having a bias is okay. Just don’t be the solo stan who acts like their fave(s) is/are too good for the group or should go solo. The members never tire of telling us how much they want to be together even if they all are successful soloist in various fields. If you don’t care about the group activities, ignore them. Don’t put down what makes your fave happy

– leave any private soc med profiles the members & their families may have alone

– do not go to their homes, do not attempt to find out where they are

– NO stalking

– off schedule means leave them alone

– respect their personal space, do not crowd them, only take pics in areas where it’s allowed

– if you stumble upon them by accident, make sure they’re likely not there anymore when you talk about it on social media to avoid others going there to find them

– know your limits

– we’re just fans, not their friends, not their family

– they don’t owe us anything outside of their schedules and we can be lucky that they’re a very friendly and caring bunch of people

– so don’t abuse their friendliness and respect the boundaries

(@.Egle0702) Tolerance is nice, but don’t mention the former member if you don’t want to piss some old-timers off. Some wounds never heal.

(@.jlml718) When u agreed to buy concert tix from a Hottest, respect the deal. Never cancel it! Others are helping u out (especially Japan concerts when tix are hard to get!) By backing out the deal, u r giving the fandom a bad name n u r making things harder for others in the future!

Never copy other fans’ photos or videos, etc, as if it is your own! Never remove or crop out other people’s watermark or logo. It’s just rude! If you are using someone’s intellectual property, be sure to give them full credit. Retweet and not just copy and use their work.

Never talk loudly in a concert/fm or holding massive signs which is blocking the views of others. Please don’t spoil it for others. Some people made a lot of efforts n used a lot of money just to be there! It is the moment they waited for in their fangirl life!

2pm has passed the period where they care abt awards, rankings n statistics. They r still here today coz Hottest still supports them regardless of the size of our fandom. They r way beyond that! If they dun care abt numbers, so why should we? Just enjoy what the boys have for us

(@.dontacts) haven’t really been here for a while but if you get interested in junho please please please try to give a chance to 2pm as a whole because that’s still his #1 priority and they’re wonderful boys full of talent 😦

(@.petit_ang) Do not crop/edit/make prints, goods, or memes with home master’s photos…

(@.Chananalover) The only thing that I categorically don’t accept is when the name of one member is compared with other members. This is a mistake young fans have, and I think this is an extreme disrespect for the group and other members. Admire your favorites without putting others in the text.

(@.sailorscovt) We don’t hype 2PM up by looking down on other groups. 2PM are big giant golden retrievers which means they have friends in all the groups so no matter what anyone else says, we are respectful towards other groups.

(@.PrincessZhoor) All I want to say is that Hottest doesn’t cause a problem when members get a girlfriend

(@.hazhmh) just cos there are those who are known for translations / updates / giveaways / fansites / masternims / group order managers, never ever be demanding in your communication to them. Being twitter mutuals doesn’t mean we can cross the line, it’s still a strangers’ territory.

(@.jaeinchan) 2PM now passed the level where they are focused on rankings or YT views, It’s not that they don’t care anymore, but they just decide to focus on their own performances and improving their music. So don’t be too competitive to the point that you’ll hurt other fandom’s feelings.

If there are more points added in the thread, I will add them here as soon as possible.

If you see based on the tweets given by everyone, it is basically just being respectful to 2PM and to all hottests. Being respectful isn’t demanding right? ^^ if you have any questions, you can always ask me or ask any other hottest! All of us are very friendly and would LOVE to help you! Have fun in this fandom ~

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