[Eng Trans] From My House Junho to Itaewon Class Kwon Nara! Actors born as an Idol, Junho/Kwon Nara/L/Sooyoung Collection ZIP

Is there even someone who can sing well, rap well, dance well and even act well?

By the way, such person exists and it is shocking!

Being able to do both jobs with charms are the ‘idol actors’!

Are they idols or actors? Is it that important?

<skip translation>


I cannot take responsibility with their charms

Looking for those who likes My House Junho

Picture translations:

2PM Junho

Signature: My House Junho (but where’s your house?)

Come to my house and leave the military

Shout out It’s Alright~우리 집으로 가~자! (Let’s go to my house, t/n: 2PM’s My House lyrics)

First, it is Junho who left acting to fulfill his military service!

He is the main lead to cause the ‘우리집준호’ (‘My House Junho, t/n: woori jib junho in Korean is trending widely in Korea)!

The original beastly idol that cannot be refuted! 2PM’s vocal, Junho!

The reason for why calling only ‘2PM Junho’ or actor ‘Junho’ is not awkward at all.

This is because of his solid acting performance!

Let’s not be deceived by the beastly idol and not to forget Junho!

Junho has broadened his spectrum in acting with a good amount of dramas and movie filming before his enlistment (to military)!

Within those (dramas), <Confession> is a realistic drama that has been talked about until now.

tvN<Confession> :: Choi Dohyun

“He clearly told me I was his son…
A young man was denied to visit in the prison. He was even asked to stop going there.
It is actually Choi Dohyun, the lead character from the drama <Confession>.
Dohyun, who did not believe in his father’s trial on murder,
has been dreaming to become a prosecutor but failed eventually.
The reason for his persistence is because his father is on a death sentence.


<skip translation about the drama, please go to watch it! It is a very good drama>


<skip translation about the drama, please go to watch it! It is a very good drama>


Can Dohyun reveal the truth behind all the work?

With a calm and solid acting, not only viewers, but also real life lawyers recognised that the drama <Confession> is very realistic.

Rewatch Sky Live VOD and you will never know how fast time past!

Junho… I will wait in front of your house in 10 minutes…! (t/n: adapted lyrics from 2PM’s My House)

20 March 2021… Until the day you come back to us

We are all boarding the train of Junho’s discharge~ (t/n: meaning that we are all waiting for Junho to discharge)

Korean to English translations by jerwiepenpan (Twitter)

Note: I’m only translating the parts about Junho

Article retrieved from https://m.blog.naver.com/skylife_blog/221838529127


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